Finding a good stump grinding company can be a tough task, so here I have picked some of the best questions you should consider asking a Stump Grinding Company to see if they are capable of properly grinding your stump.

How many years of experience do you have in stump grinding?

Check for the experience they have in the stump grinding business; ask them how many stump grinding projects they have worked on to date. You have to ask this because if you hand over the work to an inexperienced company, the stump grinding process might not be satisfactory, things might mess up later, so it is always a better way to start by asking for their experience.

Do you have a license?

License is essential for any stump grinding company because it tells that they have the authority and knowledge to manage stumps. Some stump grinders that don’t have licenses offer services at low rates. Most of the time the stump grinder companies without a license have less experience, which may result in unsatisfactory results and sometimes may cause damage to your property.

How much experience your Arborist have?

With the experience of the company, the experience of an arborist is important too, because an arborist with a good amount of experience can conduct the process smoothly and cause less damage to the property. Having a good amount of experience in stump grinding they know what thing needs to be done to grind stumps that are unusual or difficult to reach places.

Ask them for the photos from the previous work so that you will know how they work?

Asking for photos you can see how they work and what will the completed work look like, this will guide you if you want them to do your job. So it is always a better decision to ask them to show their previous work.

Check how they charge?

Different companies charge based on different factors, so the stump grinding cost may vary from company to company, most stump grinding companies charge based on the diameter of the stump, where they charge a few dollars per inch. Some companies charge on an hourly basis, hourly charges are mostly for large projects. You should choose the criteria that fit you and is cheap and effective.

Ask them if they have the required machinery

All stump grinding companies don’t have the machinery that will be required to grind a specific type of stump, they use a single grinder to grind all types of stumps, let it be small or large, this may result in unsatisfactory results, and sometimes may take more time than usual. Different types of grinders are present for grinding different sizes of stumps. So the company must have a proper grinder for grinding your stump.

Do you clean the area after grinding?

Stump grinding leaves the place with a lot of wood chips, so a good stump grinding company always manages the place before leaving, so it is always important to ask the stump grinding company if they clean or manage the place after grinding.

Check if they have insurance?

As Stump grinding is high-risk and sometimes might cause severe damage to your property, so it is always important that the stump grinding company has insurance regarding property damage. So it is important that you ask the company if they have insurance for the possible property damage that may occur.

Can I replant?

Some stumps are very large, so sometimes it is not possible to replant again in that area. So you should ask if it is good to grind or remove the stump if you want to plant trees in that areas. A good stump grinding company will help you to find the best way for filling your requirements. 

How deep can you grind?

A stump should be properly ground to at least 10-15 inches below the ground so that it does not comes in contact with direct sunlight and start to regrow. If not ground properly may later result in sprouts from the stump. 

What do you do with wood chips?

A good stump grinding company always satisfies its customer by delighting them with their work. A good stump grinding company will always dispose of the mulch properly before leaving. Most of the time mulch is used as mulch for the soil. So it is always a better decision to ask the  stump grinding Jacksonville Fl about what do they do with the wood chips.

Will the stump grinding machine hurt my yard?

Stump grinding machines vary from type to type. Some machines are heavy and highly powerful, and some are lightweight but have less power. So a good stump grinding company always uses the right machine that does not hurt the client’s yard. 

Do you Guarantee your work?

Some stumps are very hard to grind and some stumps are at very unusual places. So sometimes it not possible to properly grind the stump due to different reasons. So you should take assurance from the stump grinding company that will they able to do grind the stump.

Do you grind the surface roots too?

Some trees are so large that their roots start reaching the ground, at this time it is necessary to grind the surface roots with the stump. So that the roots don’t start to rot and get infested. A good stump grinding company always grinds the overall stump with its surface roots.

How long will it take to grind the stump?

The stump grinding process takes time depending upon the size of the roots. A good stump grinding company will always share with you the estimated time that will be required to grind the stump.

A good stump grinding company will always try to delight its client by giving the best service, and guide them to solve any problem if they have. So these were some of the questions you should ask a stump grinding company to select the best stump grinding company for grinding your stump. If you are looking for a stump grinding Jacksonville company that is expert at grinding the stump, then Roberts Stump Grinding is the perfect answer.