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Stump Grinding Techniques:

Stump grinding is the process of removing the stump of the trees without removing the roots. This includes grinding the remaining part of the tree which has already been cut to a level where the stump is as close to the surface of the land as possible. Professional stump grinding techniques require use of heavy machinery and professional help to make sure that the process is fast and less messy. 

Another way of stump grinding is using chemical stump grinders to remove the stump says the stump grinding Jacksonville Fl experts. All you need to do is get a chemical stump grinder and dig a hole in the centre of the stump. Then you pour the chemical in the centre and allow the stump to decay or rot on its own. Special care should be taken of pets and children during this process as these chemicals can be toxic in nature and will affect children and pets. Also, chemical stump grinding is a slow process. 

Burning the stump is another technique that can be used for stump grinding depending on the size of the tree. You can cut the tree with an axe or chainsaw, dig a hole in the centre of the tree and remove the debris. Once that is done you can set the tree stump on fire and allow it to burn to the ground. It should be noted that burning the stump should be discussed with the neighbour’s and should be legal and safe to avoid complications. 

Pros of stump grinding: 

  • Stump grinding method is fast if done with professional help. The pros will help you with all the machinery that will require less time to get the job done. 
  • Stump grinding is an easier process than stump removal and hence requires less labour. 
  • The process of stump grinding is less messy as compared to stump removal. This is mainly because stump grinding does not require removal of the entire root from the soil. 
  • Stump grinding is environment friendly and returns the nutrients back to the soil 
  • Stump grinding is also beneficial as the chips removed during stump grinding can be reused to mulch your gardens and that will help them to retain moisture. 

Cons of Stump grinding: 

  • Stump grinding can be potentially dangerous for children playing around the yard and hence acts as a hazard. Children or even elderly people for that fact can stumble over the stump and can fall over causing injuries. 
  • The possibility of the stumps sprouting again should not be ruled out. Sprouting can make you feel that stump grinding was a total waste of time and money as the plant can start growing again  
  • Roots will decay over time due to the stump grinding process.