15 Mar 2022
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Why should you Grind the Stump as soon as possible?

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Trees are an essential part of the environment and are beneficial in many ways. They purify the air and improve its quality, provide shade, add beauty to the landscape, and increase the property value until they are alive. However, when they die they can pose a threat to their surroundings. Their falling branches can injure people or animals walking or sitting beneath them, and can also damage their property. Hence, cutting it down becomes a necessity. 

However, removing a tree can be a stressful experience for many homeowners. Unfortunately, this whole process does not end here. This is because you will have to deal with the stump left behind after cutting down that dead tree sooner.

The stump may look harmless at the first glance. Therefore, many people entirely chose to forgo the stump removal process. They try to plant new trees around the stump or repurpose it. However, this may be viable sometimes, but just like the dead tree, a stump can also prove to be a safety hazard. Hence, as a stump grinding Jacksonville Fl, service we will always suggest you get rid of it.  If you are still not sure whether you should have the stump removed or not, here are a few reasons that may influence your decision. So, read on and why you shouldn’t leave the stump in the ground.


Stumps can be a home to pests and microbes and attract insects

If a stump is left as it is, over a period of time it will start decomposing, eventually breaking down completely. After the stump rots and softens, it becomes a haven for many insects that are seeking food sources and shelter. They become a home to pests such as termites, tree wasps, and beetles.

Commonly ant species such as carpenter ants will move in and build their colony to be protected by wood. The ants may not seem to be a problem, but they may seek out the nearest source of food that is your house. They might appear everywhere around your house which can lead to serious pest problems. 

In addition to ants, the termites love the tree stumps as well and will build a colony in the wood and the ground beneath it. The termites often won’t just keep to the stumps, they will also spread to other plants such as trees and shrubs. In case, if the stump is near the house then it will be a gateway to the wooden structures of your home. 

These pests can cause a serious pest problem and also be harmful to your health as they might cause stings, bites, and allergies. Removing the stump will help you prevent pest problems from occurring and thus avoiding any health issue.

Tree stumps can be a hazardous physical obstacle or a safety hazard

Besides the stumps’ natural tendency to attract unwanted species, one major problem that arises when you leave the stump as it is on your property is that it instantly becomes a safety hazard. Especially, if it is on your regular path or somewhere near it. 

While you may think that you will remember the presence of the stump on your path, there are still high chances that you may forget about it and bump into the stump, which cannot be ignored. Additionally, if you are a parent, these stumps can provide tripping hazards to your children playing in your yard. Since this stump is solid wood, a person tumbling onto it can get seriously hurt. 

Also, if you are doing any sort of yard work like mowing the lawn, you will need to take care to avoid the stump. Because there is a high possibility of severe damage to the lawnmower if it accidentally comes in contact with the stump. This will lead to another possible safety hazard for yourself or anyone else working on the lawn.

Moreover, as time passes, the stumps start decomposing and eventually break apart. These pieces will land on your yard ultimately becoming potential projectiles. 

By getting rid of the stump, you will stay safe from all these hazards.

Stumps allow various plants to grow around them and invade the yard

Tree stumps can be invasively obstructing the space in your yard and landscape. Other small plants and trees begin to grow on the remains from the old tree which are often small, unsightly, and extremely difficult to remove. 

Moreover, these stumps are also home to other plant species that are so tiny and difficult to see with naked eyes. These plants require nutrients to survive and hence robbing away nutrients from the soil that are necessary for other plants surrounding them. Hence, proving harmful to the other plants in your yard and soil health. In many cases, these invasive plants can be very difficult to get rid of and may require chemicals to be destroyed completely.  Fungi-like mushrooms can also start growing from these stumps or the stump root popping up throughout your yard. Depending on their type, they can prove to be dangerous to your pets or other animals that eat them and can also spread or infect other nearby trees. Hence, getting rid of stumps quickly becomes necessary. 

Stumps can lead to aesthetic problems and curb the property value

Aesthetically speaking, having a stump in your backyard will be unsightly. Because stumps are easily spottable due to their large sizes. A quick glance towards the direction where the stump is present does not make it hard to notice the dead remains of the tree. The longer you wait to get rid of that stump, the more you risk putting your property value down. After all, the stumps are often considered as eyesores that make your yard look unattractive and unkempt. Moreover, if you decide to sell your place the potential buyer may not be keen on buying a place with stripping hazard stumps in the yard. Your property might have the sleekest and the most modern design but with a stump on-site, your buyer will definitely think of other options. 

Once you remove the stump, you can repurpose this place with a plant, flowerbed, picnic table, or something else to enhance that space in order to add value to your home. Or you may just leave that area clear so that the children can play in a safe environment without any tripping hazards or dangers.

Stumps can cause damage to your property

In addition to curbing the look of your yard and reducing your property value, the stumps also cause potential damage to your property. Just because the tree is cut, it does not mean that it is entirely dead. The roots of the tree will still continue to grow until the stump completely decomposes. These roots can eventually reach out to the other areas of your landscape and even your home, damaging the pipes, lifting pavement such as patios, sidewalks, and driveways, and even cracking the foundation of your home.  So, before the roots get a chance to cause any damage to your property it is best to remove them. Because these damages can cost you more than removing the stump in the first place.

Tree stumps can consume your yard space

Have you ever thought of putting a picnic table in your yard? Or perhaps, you must have planned to put a garden there. You can definitely do whatever you want to do in your yard, but if there are stumps present in your lawn, they will acquire a lot of space and create problems for getting your plans into fruition.

Especially, if you have a small lawn and if you wish to transform it into a family spot where you and your family can bond and relax, a stump is a big no. On the other, they are like blemishes that take away from the scenic look in the large yard.

By removing the stumps your small yards can look a bit larger and provide you room to execute your plans and you can use that place effectively. You can create a compost pile or a flower bed or even start off with a sprout for a new tree, it is up to you. Now as you might be well convinced and planning to remove your stump. Let us take a look at the best way to get rid of it.

BEST Way to Remove your Stump

There are basically two significant methods for removing the stump. One is stump grinding while the other is stump removal. Both these methods come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Though choosing the best among them will definitely depend on your future plans for your landscape, we think stump grinding will be a better choice for the following reason. 

Compared to stump grinding, stump removal is a more intrusive process. It involves pulling out the whole bulky stump and then digging out its widespread roots. As this process is so tedious, it requires a lot of time, powerful tools, and too much effort for this job to get the job done. Moreover, it will leave a large hole behind that can be an eyesore until it is filled. 

On the other hand, stump grinding is much less intensive. In this process, the professionals use a machine called a stump grinder to completely shred the stump down into small pieces and destroy the root system to a depth about a foot beneath the ground. The wood chips that you get after grinding can be used as a mulch for other plants in your landscape. Thus, this process is much more efficient than the stump removal process. However, this process does leave the roots behind. But they will eventually decay over a period of time. Following are some of the benefits that stump grinding will offer you. 

  • Stump grinding is a quick and efficient process and can be done easily.
  • It is an easy and less labor-intensive process.
  • This process takes less time than the stump removal process. 
  • Stump grinding is less invasive since the roots are left behind that will eventually decay with time. 
  • There will be no hole left in your yard to be fixed after grinding out the stump because this process only grinds out the stump.
  • This process is environmentally friendly as after removing the stump, you prevent all the harms that this stump may cause to other plants.
  • The soil will not get disturbed during the process. 
  • You can use the wood chips that you get after grinding as a mulch. 
  • This process is more economical and cost-efficient.

Having a hard time looking for the best stump grinding company, here are some tips to find the best stump grinding company

Though tree stumps may seem harmless at first, they eventually can cause a lot of damage and headache if left unattended. It will not only take up valuable space in your yard but also pose a threat to you, your family, and the surrounding plants. So, conclusively, we can say that removing a stump from your yard will be a wise decision as you won’t have to worry about any escalating damage. In addition to it, removing them immediately will benefit you in the long term. 

Now, if you have made up your mind to get rid of that sturdy stump, there are many ways to do so. You can either burn it down, dissolve chemically, dig it out, or ground it. But we think that stump grinding will be the best way among many techniques used for removing the stump. You may also do it yourself by renting a stump grinder, but considering your safety, we will not recommend it. Additionally, if you are not prepared for such a job, you may end up damaging your property and find this process a bit overwhelming and daunting.  However, simply hiring a professional stump grinder service that will even help you to clear off the excess grindings and mess left after the process will be more cost-effective and efficient. These professional grinders will charge based on the size of the stump, the number of stumps to be removed, their condition, and the time required to remove the stump. Finally, removing the stump will be the best option for you.

Stump grinding Yulee FlStump grinding Middleburg Fl

15 Mar 2022
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Why are we the best stump grinding services in North East Florida?

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Are you tired of looking at the same old tree stump in your garden? Are you having a hard time finding a tree company that provides stump grinding service? If so, then you need to learn a bit more about this service. By doing this you can save valuable time of yourself and maintain your yard’s reputation. Rather than letting the stump as it is and becoming a safety hazard, you can get rid of them safely and easily. For many homeowners, stump grinding is a stressful experience to deal with. Because of this, you will have to deal with the tree stump sooner or later. When compared to the initial tree removal, removing stumps is a different process. Because of the extra efforts and money that homeowners need to put in, many of them leave the stump as it is. Many homeowners want a well settled and a flat lawn, but if their yards have sturdy stumps in the way, the beauty of the lawn can be thrown off.

Take a look at a few tips recommended by tree experts when removing a tree stump, as well as how to avoid the mistakes that are commonly made during the process. You can go through the points mentioned below to know why we are the best stump grinding services in North East Florida. 

We are customer Centric

We take great pride in our expertise, knowledge, quality, and customer service that we provide to meet the needs of the user. It is our mission to provide good workmanship and total customer satisfaction from start to end of a project. To understand our clients’ needs and expectations, we take total care of work and professionally connect with each client. Our reputation is based on the services and quality of work we provide.

Services we provide

We do all kinds of work-related to stump grinding and stump removal, we also remove excess grinding which is created during the stump grinding process. We take care of the safety of our workers and customers, during the process of stump grinding. The best stump grinding company always provides you their portfolio of the work, license and registration, and client testimonials.

Your safety is guaranteed

While removing trees, you have to be cautious and make sure that you do it in the right way. After removing it, you have left with a sturdy stump, and that could damage your landscape as well as the aesthetic value of your lawn. To keep you and your family safe from accidents, it is better to hire a professional stump grinding company to do the job. 

Experienced professionals at the tree service exactly know how to do the job. With their modern equipment, they can remove the tree stumps without causing any damage to your property. Experts exactly know how to control and handle the machine. Because of their control, your land and home are not damaged in the process. If you are looking for experts in stump grinding service, then you can contact Gators stump grinding, the best stump grinding service in Jacksonville, Fl.

Contact a Professional Tree Stump Grinding Service

We have the proper equipment to remove a tree stump in the right way. That equipment is far beyond the tools local homeowners have. This includes items like heavy-duty machinery, chainsaw, a stump grinder, and a team of qualified arborists to handle them all. Doing the job yourself can lead to serious injury and might not get the job done in the right way.

For those, who think you will remove the tree stump by yourself, think again. Depending on the tree and its age, the roots may have gone too deep. While that is a rarity, most tree roots are still several feet deep and wide on average. So if you are doing this by yourself then it will take so much time. Instead, get it done in just a few hours with a professional service. We will make sure that your yard is completely clean and flat after completing the work. When the work is done, it will look like a stump never existed there before.

We leave your place neat and tidy

If you are hiring a professional company for getting the tree service then the residential owner will be helped to get them a tidy and clean place. They remove the tree stumps as well as overgrown trees and this will help in the removal of pests and insects that may be living in the tree stumps. Even the cleaning will increase the market value of your property.

We have the right equipment

Different kinds of equipment are needed for stump grinding or cutting down trees. Professional Tree Company has the proper equipment and modern tools to do these tasks. Because of that, the job is performed properly, and safely. They don’t cause any harm to the people and the other young trees.

Reduction in injuries or accidents

Most of the time, it is seen that the old stumps may cause injuries to the people living in the house. If these stumps are left unattended, they can cause structural damage to the property. And even the roots of trees can damage the property. In this case, the services from the professionals are a must as they will ensure safety while removing the stump. 

We provide cost-effective services

Choosing the reputed company for your tree service will help you to save money. Hiring a professional tree service company is affordable, as the experts will not only remove the tree stump safely but also cleaning the whole area efficiently. The professional services will also help you to save the time that you may have spent on fixing these areas so calling the professionals is the best option for your stump grinding needs.

Why Choose Us?

You can choose us for the following reasons:

We are a reputable Company
We offer discounts

North Florida, Gators Stump Grinding, specializes in your stump grinding and stump removal needs and is a locally owned and operated business. As much as you care about your home and workplace, we care about the quality of our work.

Gators Stump Grinding is experienced and committed to providing the best tree services with excellent performance. We serve all over North East Florida for Stump grinding and stump removal needs.  If you need tree stump grinding services in Jacksonville, Green Cove Springs, Callahan, or the surrounding area, you can search the following search phrases for the best results: Stump grinding Jacksonville FlStump grinding Green Cove Springs Fl, and Stump grinding Callahan Fl.

15 Mar 2022
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What makes the best stump grinding company?

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After you get rid of all the unwanted trees from your yard all that are left behind are those sturdy stumps. These stumps can be an eyesore and spoil the look of your yard. Moreover, the major reason to remove these stumps is that they can be a safety hazard, deprive other plants of nutrients, and attract pests like carpenter ants and termites when they start decaying.

When you finally decide to remove the stumps, no matter how hard or simple the task is, it is always better to leave it in the hands of a professional. A stump grinding expert or a good stump grinding company can help you with this. But have you ever wondered what is a good stump grinding company or what makes the company the best stump grinding company?

Well, in this article we are going to discuss some of the major parameters that make the best stump grinding company. So here we begin!

Experience of the stump grinding company

A good experience is necessary to achieve expertise in any field. Especially when it comes to stump grinding, experience matters a lot. Because removing a stump is a risky task if not done properly. It possesses the risk of damaging your property or causing injuries. You probably don’t want to take this risk, so it goes without saying that a company with good years of experience in grinding the stump, is no doubt the best one. They are aware of the risks and they know how to deal with different scenarios when such a situation occurs and have the right credentials to back them up.

Qualifications of the company

A good stump grinding company must be qualified enough to do such tasks. Having the right skills and knowledge allows every stump grinding company to keep your landscaping safe throughout as well as after the process. Hiring services of a qualified stump grinding company ensures that you will not face any more problems after removing the stump accept thinking of what to do with the free space.

Equipment used by the stump grinding company

Different types of equipment are designed to make complicated tasks simple. So, the use of the right equipment is a must, especially in the case of stump grinding as it is a tedious task. To grind a stump properly appropriate tools should be used. These tools come in various shapes and sizes to make the stump grinding process more effective and efficient. A stump grinding company having modern equipment saves your time as well as your money because buying that equipment yourself will only prove to be a wastage of your money as you would use them only once. Modern equipment allows the professionals to skillfully, safely, effectively, and quickly remove those old and forgotten tree stumps. You should be aware that every company doesn’t use the right tools required to grind a stump. A good stump grinding company is expected to deliver a quality service which is acquired by modern equipment. So, it is essential to make sure that the stump grinding company has the appropriate and latest equipment required to remove the stump.

The Reputation of the Stump grinding company

The reputation of the company is another most important factor considered while deciding the quality of the company. A company’s reputation is built according to the services it has provided for its clients. So, if the company is reputed it is obvious that it provides the best service ever. Working with a reputable company has its own benefits such as it saves you from damage or accidents, offers the best service ever, and is time-efficient. You can research information about the company from the people who have consumed their services. A reputable company mostly have all the positive reviews.

Services that the stump grinding company offers

To bring to your notice, let me tell you that all the stump grinding companies do not offer the same services. A good stump grinding company not only helps you to remove the unwanted stump but also hauls away the excess grindings and clears the land for you. Some of the companies even offer landscaping after getting rid of that sturdy stump. You can conclude a good stump grinding company according to your needs and the services required.

Cost of the services offered by the company

Different companies charge differently based on different approaches. Some companies charge according to the time taken while removing the stump while some charge according to the diameter of the stump. Another aspect considered while deciding the cost of the company is the number of stumps to be removed. As the prices vary from company to company, it is crucial to hire a reputable and reliable stump grinding company that will offer the services at the most affordable price according to your needs. A reputable company with a modest price range is always a good deal.

Insurance of the company

Insurance is one of the most important factors and a non-negotiable term, you need to consider while deciding the grade of the company. As we know that stump grinding is a risky task, if any accident occurs, there are high chances that the client is held liable for such misery if the stump grinding company doesn’t have any insurance. So, getting the company insured is beneficial for both the client and the stump grinding company as well. A good stump grinding company makes sure that it is insured for the safety and security of its client. So, we can conclude that an insured stump grinding company is the best company.

Reviews of the company’s potential customers

The best way to find out the quality of the company is by knowing what people who have already consumed their services say about them. There are many websites where you can find genuine reviews about the company. A company with the maximum number of positive reviews can be considered as a good stump grinding company. Try to read as many reviews as possible.

A stump grinding company that is reputable, cost-efficient, reliable, and qualified is considered to the best stump grinding company. Gators stump grinding is one of the best stump grinding companies in Northeast Florida. They provide their services in Jacksonville and surrounding areas like Middleburg and Yulee. You can search them on Google by using search terms like Stump grinding Jacksonville Fl, or Stump grinding Middleburg Fl, or Stump griding Yulee Fl.

15 Mar 2022
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What is Stump Grinding?

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Trying to remove a tree and worried about the mess? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Cutting down and removal of the tree is just a part of it, removing the rest of the stump is where our expertise comes in handy.

Stump removal is the last step in removing a tree and it can get a bit tricky at times. Excavation can be troublesome or impractical with very large, or older trees, which have a root structure that is simply too difficult to even consider taking out. Tree removal is more than just pulling off the trunk and cutting off the branches.

So, to totally open-up space when removing a tree, you need to consider the stump that is left behind. Our goal is to make a natural way of eliminating a tree completely, including the stump.”

We at Gators Stump Grinding Inc. are serving the Gator nation with our superb stump grinding services.

No matter what size the stump is, we can assure you that it can be removed without a huge mess left behind.

We cover a large part of the state, with our services in areas like Stump Grinding MiddleburgStump Grinding Orange ParkStump Grinding Jax Beach, Jacksonville, Yulee, Green Cove Springs, St. Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, Ponte Vedra Beach, Starke, and Callahan.

Want to give our stump grinding services a try?

You can call us anytime, and we will take over and make sure you receive an excellent stump removal service!

15 Mar 2022
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Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding Pro, Cons, Comparison and Cost

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Stump Removal Vs Stump Grinding

Cutting trees from your yard can be a painful process, leaving behind the task of deciding what to do about the stumps. Depending on the objective of cutting the tree, you may decide upon the fate of the stump i.e. you can either remove the stump completely or have a stump grinding process done. 

 Stump grinding and stump removal may sound like two similar processes, but are quite different say the stump grinding Jacksonville FL experts. For starters, stump removal requires entire removal of the stump including the roots of the stump. This is a complex process and will require heavy machinery. Another thing with stump removal is it can be very time consuming at times. Stump removal can also leave behind a lot of mess that needs to be cleared up. One of the risks associated with stump removal is the roots of the stump which need to be removed. Depending upon how old the tree was, the roots might have spread throughout the land and will require a lot of effort for removal. 

Stump grinding is the shorter and less expensive way to deal with tree cutting. Here, the tree stump is ground to just below the land’s surface. The remaining part of the stump is covered with dirt so that it would decay with the roots and the rest of the stump. The time taken to remove a tree stump is entirely different. You won’t need to fill up a huge hole as required by stump removal if you use the stump grinding process.  

Pros of Stump Removal:

  • Stump will not grow back. 
  • It will be completely gone. 

Cons of Stump Removal: 

  • Will result into a very large hole due to removal of the roots which will need to be filled in. 
  • Time consuming. 
  • Will need use of heavy machinery 
  • Can be risky as the removal of roots can cause disruption of the entire yard. Mostly suitable for clearing up lands for new constructions 

Pros of Stump Grinding: 

  • Will smooth the surface of the land as the stump would be ground below the soil 
  • Easy to execute and causes less mess or dirt 
  • Less Time consuming 

Cons of Stump Grinding: 

  • Stump can grow later after years due to remaining roots 


Stump removal can be expensive as it requires use of heavy machinery and is time consuming as compared to stump grinding. You can call us to get to know more about the pricing.

15 Mar 2022
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Stump Grinding; Techniques; Pros and Cons

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Stump Grinding Techniques:

Stump grinding is the process of removing the stump of the trees without removing the roots. This includes grinding the remaining part of the tree which has already been cut to a level where the stump is as close to the surface of the land as possible. Professional stump grinding techniques require use of heavy machinery and professional help to make sure that the process is fast and less messy. 

Another way of stump grinding is using chemical stump grinders to remove the stump says the stump grinding Jacksonville Fl experts. All you need to do is get a chemical stump grinder and dig a hole in the centre of the stump. Then you pour the chemical in the centre and allow the stump to decay or rot on its own. Special care should be taken of pets and children during this process as these chemicals can be toxic in nature and will affect children and pets. Also, chemical stump grinding is a slow process. 

Burning the stump is another technique that can be used for stump grinding depending on the size of the tree. You can cut the tree with an axe or chainsaw, dig a hole in the centre of the tree and remove the debris. Once that is done you can set the tree stump on fire and allow it to burn to the ground. It should be noted that burning the stump should be discussed with the neighbour’s and should be legal and safe to avoid complications. 

Pros of stump grinding: 

  • Stump grinding method is fast if done with professional help. The pros will help you with all the machinery that will require less time to get the job done. 
  • Stump grinding is an easier process than stump removal and hence requires less labour. 
  • The process of stump grinding is less messy as compared to stump removal. This is mainly because stump grinding does not require removal of the entire root from the soil. 
  • Stump grinding is environment friendly and returns the nutrients back to the soil 
  • Stump grinding is also beneficial as the chips removed during stump grinding can be reused to mulch your gardens and that will help them to retain moisture. 

Cons of Stump grinding: 

  • Stump grinding can be potentially dangerous for children playing around the yard and hence acts as a hazard. Children or even elderly people for that fact can stumble over the stump and can fall over causing injuries. 
  • The possibility of the stumps sprouting again should not be ruled out. Sprouting can make you feel that stump grinding was a total waste of time and money as the plant can start growing again  
  • Roots will decay over time due to the stump grinding process.

15 Mar 2022
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Stump Grinding Service Areas

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Stump removal is a little bit daunting task for owner or property manager without having any tools and proper idea for stump removal, it can become a very hazardous task often leading to injuries.
Stump Grinding – Affordable stump removal services have been providing stump removal and stump grinding services to residences and businesses alike for over many years. Our services are available near your location.

Contracting a professional stump removal company will ensure that the job gets done safely and professionally and here we are who provides the best services to our customers with affordable prices.

Our experience will ensure that the work will be performed by our team will be high standards and customers satisfaction comes first for us, we will make sure that you will be satisfied with our work.

Stump removal services at a different location

Stump Grinding Ponte Vedra Beach FlStump Grinding Jacksonville BeachStump Grinding Callahan, Orange Park, Middleburg, GreenCove Springs, Palatka, Glen, Baldwin, St Augustine, Lake City, Starke, MacClenny, Yulee, Jax Beach,  Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and surrounding area​s.

15 Mar 2022
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Stump grinding an eco-friendly service

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A stump is a thing that is left after the removal of the tree. After stump grinding the remaining tree trunk extends into the ground. If you are suffering from ugly tree stumps in your lawn, then call the stump grinding service for your lawn. Stump grinding is a stump removal service that will remove an unwanted stump after cutting a tree. It can be a nuisance to have an unwanted tree stump in your lawn and trying to remove it by yourself can be very risky and time-consuming. That’s why nowadays many tree companies offer stump grinding services because it has many benefits.

Stump Grinding

When it comes to removing the decaying tree stump, stump grinding is the easiest and eco-friendliest to remove the stump. Stump grinding is the process of chipping away the tree stumps using advanced industry machinery until the stump is reduced to wood chips. When the stump has been grounded up then the remaining wood chips can be recycled as mulch for your yard. The stump grinding process doesn’t require any harmful chemical for removing the stump and doesn’t create any waste. A Stump can be used for mulching which saves your money on mulch by using the remaining part of your stump.
Stump grinding is one of the best eco-friendly options for removing the stump, as it does not use any harmful chemicals during the process. This is particularly beneficial for organic land. The stump grinding process is cost-effective than stump removal. Now let us see how the process is being carried out without affecting the environment.

Put your stump grindings to good use

Once the stump has been removed, a large pile of stump grindings is still left and that needs to be taken care of. Here are some ideas to put the stump grindings to good use:
You can use the stump grindings to fill the hole left by the stump and then top it up with soil.
Stump grinding produces excellent mulch. Cover the chips of wood in a one-inch layer over your soil and then rake it into your flower beds. This will decompose the grindings and add nutrients to your soil. Just make sure that the tree is not diseased, and if you are dealing with pine trees use the mulch sparingly as it can increase the soil’s acidity, making it difficult for plants to grow.
You can turn your stump grindings into compost. Allow the stump grindings to decompose in your compost heap. The completion of the process will take about three to four months, but once the grindings have decomposed you will have a good pile of compost to use in your garden. 

Environmentally Wise

When you use chemicals on the stumps or leave them to rot, it can attract pests like ants, termites, and other diseases, thus there is a possibility of your landscape getting damaged. However, using a stump grinder can help you to fix stumps of all shapes and sizes. Without causing any disturbance to the surrounding environment, it helps to reduce them to pieces. Also, when you have your stump ground, it helps to reduce the risks of diseases and other hazards. The up to date machinery is used by companies for tackling small to large stumps and reducing the stump to chips without disturbing your landscape. If you want to replant on the place of your old stump, then go for it after the removal of the stump.

Clean Slate

When you use stump grinding services to grind your stump, it helps to make your yard neat and clean and gives you a new, clean slate. This helps you to prepare a new project for landscaping the area. It can also help to improve the total value of your property, in addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Stump Grinding Doesn’t Leave a Gaping Hole

When you choose the stump removal process it will remove the entire roots of an old tree, but after removing you will be left with a giant hole in the yard. In this case, the process required heavy equipment that damages your landscape. But after the grinding process, the area is almost ready for reuse. All you need to do is add some topsoil and wood chips and flat the surface.

Quick and efficient:

When you grind your stump by the professional stump grinding company, the process will be quick and it just takes few hours to complete it. The stump grinding process is efficient because it leaves wood chips and sawdust behind. When you have the right tools and know-how to use it safely, grinding a stump doesn’t take long. It doesn’t cause any harm to your property or the landscape.

Is stump grinding good for the environment?

Yes, it is good for the environment, as it helps to protect the trees and plants surrounding it and improves the environment for everyone. It keeps the soil healthy. The remains from the grinding process like wood chips can be used in a form of compost for the growth of other trees. Since this method does not use any chemicals that can damage the soil and destroy the nutrients contained in it, that’s why the grinding process is considered safe for removing a tree stump. Stump grinding maintains  the composition of the soil and doesn’t pollute the environment, making the process eco-friendly.
The soil around a recently ground stump is very good for tree plantation. The small wood chips left in the soil, make a good organic fertilizer to the soil, as they decompose. You will need to fill good dirt in the hole left by the stump removal. If the hole is not too large, you can fill it with the potting soil, native soil, wood chips, and watering together. Either you could plant at the same place immediately, or it’s ok to let it rest for a month. But make sure that no sprouts will pop up from the mulberry roots. The tree roots left behind by the grinder may start putting out sprouts. Cut or pull them off as they pop up. And finally, the nutrients in the roots will run out and then give up. Those roots will eventually decompose and keeping the soil moist.

Stump grinding is not a DIY process. It can be risky and it is better for an experienced professional who has all the right tools and knows how to use them to get the job done. In essence, for several reasons, the method of stump grinding is preferred. It is much simpler to execute and utilizes useful methods to get the job done. Stump grinding offers a higher level of neatness and environmental friendliness to your landscape.
If you are a resident of Jacksonville Fl, and searching for stump grinding services, then call Gators. Gators Stump Grinding provides the best stump grinding and tree trimming services that fulfill the customer’s needs. They provide services in areas like Jacksonville Fl, Yulee Fl, Middleburg Fl, etc. So you can use Google search phrases like Stump grinding Jacksonville FlStump grinding Yulee FlStump grinding Middleburg Fl.

14 Mar 2022
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Quick tips for the best Stump Grinding Service Company

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Dealing with a sturdy tree stump is a difficult task. If you are trying to remove a tree stump from the landscape or trying to prevent the landscape from fungus and pests, choosing the right stump grinding services can help to stay safe. Dead trees can create many problems like risks of fires, risks of pests or insects, etc., and further cause a threat to the residents. Stump grinding is a less annoying and cheaper option for your tree stump. And choosing an experienced stump grinding company to do these tasks will help you to get the work done more properly. The professionals are equipped with advanced tools and experience. They know the right way to do the process of removing stumps. So instead of doing it yourself, hiring a professional service is a good option. 

With so many stump grinding firms around, choosing the right one is quite difficult. We have mentioned a few tips for choosing the best stump grinding service to make your search simple.

Check for the experience

The first important thing to consider in any professional company is to check out their experience. The professionals have the right skills and techniques required for the stump grinding process. Risking with an inexperienced company will leave you with more mess. So, before hiring any company make sure that you check how much experience they have in this field.

Check if they are licensed 

When choosing the stump grinding services, always check the employee’s documents. Yes, you have the complete right to ask this question to them. If the arborist you choose is inexperienced, then you are not only risking your property but also wasting your money. That’s why it is necessary to select a company that is fully licensed and certified. Also, if the company is not licensed then operating it will be illegal.

Experienced Arborist

The experienced arborist will conduct the stump grinding process more smoothly. They are well-known for all the complexities that occur during the stump grinding process. Professional arborists also have the latest machinery necessary for stump grinding projects. They properly deal with the risky tools such as chainsaws and backhoes that may be needed to perform the job. Professional arborists are trained and prepared to provide proper care. Hiring a professional arborist for grinding the stump is an investment that can give us significant returns.

Check customer reviews on Google

When you are looking for the best stump grinding company, it is important to check the reviews of their previous clients. You can find out the quality of the work and the reality of the company from these reviews. There are many websites where people share their opinion about the company they have tried. You can found honest reviews on these sites that will help you to choose the right company. Also, watch out for the negative comments because they must mean something. You should make sure that the company you’re going to choose must have good reviews provided by the customers. With these tips in mind, you will easily find the best stump grinding company. Read as many reviews as possible so you can get the correct idea about every company. As a result, the reviews will guide you properly to make the right decision. A professional stump grinding company will be able to provide you with old customer feedback or references.

Check if they have the required machinery

The equipment is another major factor to consider when selecting professional stump grinding services. Not every professional will have modern equipment. The equipment used by companies comes in different shapes and sizes. When selecting any company always check the equipment they are going to use. They must use the right-sized grinders which can easily deal with those sturdy stumps, which were disturbing the landscape of your property. So don’t forget to ask these questions beforehand to avoid any hurdle. Find out the tools that a company has for stump grinding before you hire it because if they have modern equipment’s then they do an excellent job. Apart from the modern equipment, discuss the safety measures with the company, ensures that the stump grinding process is safe to handle.

Check if they have insurance

Most people ignore this consideration, but it is a very important factor while choosing a stump grinding company. It is a high-risk job so having insurance is an essential factor. If during the stump grinding process any accidents happen and the company does not have insurance, then you will have to pay for the damages. To avoid such a scenario, it is needed that you find a company that has comprehensive insurance to cover any damages or injuries that might happen. Further, you should not be satisfied with verbal assurance, but you should check the insurance documents to verify that they are up to date.


A reputed company will follow all the safety precautions and provide you safe services. A company needs to follow the safety rules rather it will end up risking the people around. Don’t depend on the company that does not take any safety steps.


Well, many people go for a company that provides cheap grinding services. No doubt, the price is a consideration factor, but you should not be bound by the budget. Not every business that providing services at low rates is good. To do the work on time, a reputed business should have experience and skills. At reasonable rates, they will provide quality service to their clients.


Asking for references from your friends, relatives, and neighbors is one of the best ways to choose any stump grinding company. These people can not only guide you about the services they provide, but also guide you about their pricing structure, their way of work, or about everything they experienced.

Hiring professional stump grinding services in Jacksonville will help to maintain your trees and give them a better life. All in all, considering these tips will help you to select the right stump grinding services. If you are looking for a reputed company offering a wide range of grinding services, then you can choose Gators stump grinding service. To check the services we provide you can search the following phrases: 

Stump grinding Jacksonville FlStump grinding Orange Park FlStump grinding Green Cove Springs Fl.

14 Mar 2022
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Question to ask a stump grinder

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Finding a good stump grinding company can be a tough task, so here I have picked some of the best questions you should consider asking a Stump Grinding Company to see if they are capable of properly grinding your stump.

How many years of experience do you have in stump grinding?

Check for the experience they have in the stump grinding business; ask them how many stump grinding projects they have worked on to date. You have to ask this because if you hand over the work to an inexperienced company, the stump grinding process might not be satisfactory, things might mess up later, so it is always a better way to start by asking for their experience.

Do you have a license?

License is essential for any stump grinding company because it tells that they have the authority and knowledge to manage stumps. Some stump grinders that don’t have licenses offer services at low rates. Most of the time the stump grinder companies without a license have less experience, which may result in unsatisfactory results and sometimes may cause damage to your property.

How much experience your Arborist have?

With the experience of the company, the experience of an arborist is important too, because an arborist with a good amount of experience can conduct the process smoothly and cause less damage to the property. Having a good amount of experience in stump grinding they know what thing needs to be done to grind stumps that are unusual or difficult to reach places.

Ask them for the photos from the previous work so that you will know how they work?

Asking for photos you can see how they work and what will the completed work look like, this will guide you if you want them to do your job. So it is always a better decision to ask them to show their previous work.

Check how they charge?

Different companies charge based on different factors, so the stump grinding cost may vary from company to company, most stump grinding companies charge based on the diameter of the stump, where they charge a few dollars per inch. Some companies charge on an hourly basis, hourly charges are mostly for large projects. You should choose the criteria that fit you and is cheap and effective.

Ask them if they have the required machinery

All stump grinding companies don’t have the machinery that will be required to grind a specific type of stump, they use a single grinder to grind all types of stumps, let it be small or large, this may result in unsatisfactory results, and sometimes may take more time than usual. Different types of grinders are present for grinding different sizes of stumps. So the company must have a proper grinder for grinding your stump.

Do you clean the area after grinding?

Stump grinding leaves the place with a lot of wood chips, so a good stump grinding company always manages the place before leaving, so it is always important to ask the stump grinding company if they clean or manage the place after grinding.

Check if they have insurance?

As Stump grinding is high-risk and sometimes might cause severe damage to your property, so it is always important that the stump grinding company has insurance regarding property damage. So it is important that you ask the company if they have insurance for the possible property damage that may occur.

Can I replant?

Some stumps are very large, so sometimes it is not possible to replant again in that area. So you should ask if it is good to grind or remove the stump if you want to plant trees in that areas. A good stump grinding company will help you to find the best way for filling your requirements. 

How deep can you grind?

A stump should be properly ground to at least 10-15 inches below the ground so that it does not comes in contact with direct sunlight and start to regrow. If not ground properly may later result in sprouts from the stump. 

What do you do with wood chips?

A good stump grinding company always satisfies its customer by delighting them with their work. A good stump grinding company will always dispose of the mulch properly before leaving. Most of the time mulch is used as mulch for the soil. So it is always a better decision to ask the stump grinding company about what do they do with the wood chips.

Will the stump grinding machine hurt my yard?

Stump grinding machines vary from type to type. Some machines are heavy and highly powerful, and some are lightweight but have less power. So a good stump grinding company always uses the right machine that does not hurt the client’s yard. 

Do you Guarantee your work?

Some stumps are very hard to grind and some stumps are at very unusual places. So sometimes it not possible to properly grind the stump due to different reasons. So you should take assurance from the stump grinding company that will they able to do grind the stump.

Do you grind the surface roots too?

Some trees are so large that their roots start reaching the ground, at this time it is necessary to grind the surface roots with the stump. So that the roots don’t start to rot and get infested. A good stump grinding company always grinds the overall stump with its surface roots.

How long will it take to grind the stump?

The stump grinding process takes time depending upon the size of the roots. A good stump grinding company will always share with you the estimated time that will be required to grind the stump. 

A good stump grinding company will always try to delight its client by giving the best service, and guide them to solve any problem if they have. So these were some of the questions you should ask a stump grinding company to select the best stump grinding company for grinding your stump. If you are looking for a stump grinding Jacksonville company that is expert at grinding the stump, you should be looking for Gators Stump Grinding the Best stump grinding Jacksonville Fl company.

14 Mar 2022
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How to select the best stump grinding company?

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After cutting down trees you are left behind with the stumps in your yard. These stumps are eye soring, spoils the look of your lawn, starts decaying with time, and attracts pests like carpenter ants and termites and they can also spread diseases to other nearby plants and trees. So, it is always better to remove them as soon as possible.

Many of you think of doing it yourself, but you should know that removing a stump is not an easy task. Moreover, it possesses high risks of damaging your property or there are chances of accidents and you getting yourself injured if the task is not done properly. Stump grinding is a tedious task and it requires proper skills and equipment. So, hiring a professional service becomes crucial when you decide to remove your stumps.

Nowadays, many stump removal services are available. Hence, it becomes challenging to identify and select the best stump grinding company among a huge list of companies that can satisfy your requirements.

However, we have simplified this task for you. You can consider the following steps while selecting the best stump grinding company.

Analyze what services you require

Before selecting a company, analyze your yard and identify what amount of work is required to be done and what services you need. This is the first thing you need to do to get an idea for deciding your budget. Counting the number of stumps, you want to remove from your yard or measuring the size of the stumps to be removed will help you understand and figure out the proper cost estimations. You can have a professional examine the size of all the stumps you have and you want to get rid of them. Professionals can gauge the extent of the stump roots by just looking at them.

Define your budget

Now as you know how many stumps you want to remove and of what size you are ready to set your budget. You must be well aware of the fact that different companies charge differently according to different parameters. Stump Grinding Cost depends on the time required to remove the stump while some have their fixed charges regarding the number and size of the stump.

If you are already knowledgeable about the price range, you can fix your budget accordingly and select the company that fits your bill. If not, then Google search is always there to help you out.

Be sure to be clear about the budget while selecting the stump grinding company. The company with higher cost rates is not necessarily the best company. They may be charging high prices but may have poor services. So do not make price a criterion for selecting the best stump grinding company.

Search for the stump grinding companies online

After your budget is set and you know what services you require you can start searching for stump grinding companies online. Google is the best place where you will get all the data you require. Make sure you search for the ones that are located in your as you can approach them quickly in case of any emergency.

For instance, if you are a Jacksonville resident and you are taking the service from a stump grinder professional that doesn’t belong to your state. It will not be possible for him to arrive quickly if any issues arrived regarding his service. So, being an inhabitant of Jacksonville, you can search for stump grinding Jacksonville, Fl and get the best service in your area.

Search for the companies that provide the services you require. Some stump removal companies only offer stump removal service and not stump grinding service. Some of the companies provide post stump removal services like hauling away the excess grindings and landscaping while some don’t. Select the ones that offer maximum services, so that you can choose the best price package.

Make a list of those companies that have good ratings you find appropriate for you to select amongst them.

Compare different companies

You can now compare the companies you have listed down on parameters like the equipment they use, ratings they have, and the reviews from their clients.

Stump grinding is a complex job, especially when not done with the right equipment. To make this job effortless and easy modern stump grinding tools are available. Select the companies that has modern equipment for carrying out the process efficiently and that adopt proper safety measures to ensure the stump grinding process is safe.

Moreover, you can compare the ratings and reviews of clients for different companies and select the company according to a maximum number of genuine positive reviews and high ratings.

Check whether the company has relevant qualifications

Nowadays, everyone wants to make money and stump grinding services being highly in demand many people are diving into this business to grab this opportunity and for earning money. Many of them even don’t have the right qualifications and licenses for this job. Hiring such companies will result in poor and substandard services. However, by checking on their qualifications and licenses they have you can sort out the certified stump grinding companies. If you don’t want to waste your money and time make sure to always select the company that has the right credentials and is eligible for this job.

See whether they have permissible insurance

Insurance is a vital component while choosing a stump grinding company as it is a risky job. If the company doesn’t have any insurance and if any accidents occur while performing the stump grinding process, then you will be the one responsible for paying for the damage. Hence, to avoid such a scenario, insurance is the major factor you should consider while selecting the stump grinding company. It would be better if you check the insurance documents rather than relying on verbal assurance.

Go for an experienced stump grinding company

It is always better to select a company that has years of experience in stump grinding and they know their job well. Selecting an experienced company ensures you that your job is in professional hands and will be done in a proper manner without any mess left behind to clean. So check for the experience of the company before you hire them.

Check their service rates

As we have already discussed above that different stump grinding companies charge different rates for their services. So, it is recommendable that you seek quotes from at least 5 companies you have sorted out from the list based on the points discussed above. So, now you can go ahead and select the best company according to the budget you have set and get rid of those sturdy stumps forever.

Gator’s stump grinding is a company that provides its services in Jacksonville. They also serve in areas like Stump Grinding Yulee FlStump Grinding Middleburg FlStump Grinding Baldwin Fl, Stump Grinding Green Cove Springs Fl, and Stump Grinding Hillard Fl. They provide affordable and customer satisfactory services. You can always consider them while selecting the best stump grinding company.

14 Mar 2022
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How to calculate cost for stump grinding?

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After cutting down a tree, the job isn’t completely done: There is still a stump left behind that needs to be removed. Cutting or sawing down a tree is a simple process but removing the stump is totally a different story. Tree stumps can be ugly and even dangerous. So stump grinding or removal should be a priority for homeowners. 

Depending on a variety of things, the stump grinding costs will vary, most notably whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

By learning about the costs associated with stump grinding service, you will avoid unpleasant surprises later. It will also summarize the various costs related to the process, how grinding works, and the various factors that can increase or decrease the total price. Learn more about stump grinding prices with our cost guide below. This guide outlines some stump grinding cost information below.

How grinding works?

These machines, fitted with large spinning blades at the front, reduce even hardwood to sawdust. To create mulch and sawdust they grind slowly back and forth. They grind 4 to 6 inches below the ground. The grinder machine’s blades also work on the roots in the ground and clearing the area for a lawn.

After cutting down a tree, most of the people probably like to remove the stump from their yard. If you don’t, you will continuously have to mow around it. There are several different ways to remove a stump, but stump grinding is the fastest and most efficient method among them. Stump grinding is the preferable way to remove a stump, and the prices of stump grinding are depending on whether you do it yourself or professionals handle it.

DIY Stump Grinding vs. Professional Stump grinding

The first decision you need to make is whether to hire any company to remove your stump or to do it yourself. It may not seem like there is a huge difference in price between hiring professionals and renting a stump grinder. However, many important factors can influence the amount that it’s going to cost. For example, you need to keep in mind that time is money and if you would like to do your work quickly and efficiently, you need to find out the professional stump grinding company.

Professional Stump Grinding Prices:

In most cases, it is best to hire an experienced stump grinding company to grind away stumps on your lawn. It may cost more in the beginning, but imagine how much costlier it would be to rent a stump grinder first and hire a professional after you fail to grind a stump.

As per our research, the average cost to grind a stump ranges from $100 to $400. The most popular and effective method used by professionals is, to use a commercial grinder. It costs about $3 per diameter of the stump. Clearing large areas or multiple stumps takes a long time and costs about $150 an hour. 

When equipped with a commercial grinder, the actual grinding process can be a very short job, usually about 1 to 2 hours. However, the speed of the job depends on the user’s expertise and machine efficiency.

Renting a grinder for a DIY project:

The national average is around $100 to remove a stump on your own. It is slightly less than hiring a professional, but it takes an average of 3 to 4 hours to get the job done.

If you like taking things into your own hands, you might want to rent a stump grinder and remove that unsightly stump yourself. Keep a few things in mind before attempting to do so. First thing is, the stump grinder you rent probably won’t be powerful enough to handle the large stump. Rental stump grinders work best for extremely small, old, or very rotted stumps. They also do not grind very far below grade, so the result may not be exactly what you would have expected.

As far as if you rent a stump grinder for half a day you can expect to pay $75 to $150. If you need it for a full day, you will pay between $250 and $400. Is it worthwhile? That depends on how much your area’s professional stump grinding companies usually charge.

How much cost different companies charge for this service based on different criteria. For example:

By the Diameter of the Stump

If you are charged based on the diameter of the stump, you can expect to pay around $2 to $3 per inch of diameter. If you have multiple stumps in your yard, you should figure out the average diameter of the stump, multiply it by the number of stumps and then multiply that by the cost that is charged per inch. For example, if you have 50 stumps and the diameter is 10 inches, you have 500 inches to grind. If the company charges $3 per inch, your total bill will be $1,500.

By the Hour

Businesses only charge for stump grinding by the hour, if they are clearing large areas that have several stumps. The average price per hour for this heavy-duty stump grinder is about $150. Very few homeowners ever need to make use of this type of stump grinding service.

By the Stump

This is the most common way in which businesses charge for stump grinding services. To get to the total cost of stump grinding, you just need to know how many stumps need to be handled. In many cases, the company will charge around $100-$200 for the first stump and a reduced rate for the next additional stump. They might also charge $25 to $30 for each additional stump.

Mulch Cleaning:

The stump grinding process produces a large amount of mulch. In many cases, you can also reuse this mulch for compost or to bed a garden. However, professionals will clean up the mulch for you at an additional charge of around $25 a stump.

Small stumps vs. large stumps:

Large stumps take a lot of time to remove than small stumps. If you have small stumps to remove, the stump grinding company could charge by the hour rather than by the stump. The hourly cost for removing stumps is $88 to $175.

The stump grinding process is labor-intensive. On top of the time spent, the grinder rental costs are nearly the same as hiring tree services. Overall, you only save about $100 to $200 by removing them yourself. So selecting a professional tree company is a better option for you. If you are looking for a professional and affordable stump grinding company in Jacksonville Fl, Starke, and the surrounding area​s. Then you can use the Google search phrases like Stump grinding Jacksonville FlStump grinding Starke Fl, etc.

01 Jan 2021
Stump Grinding Stark, Fl

Why should you remove the stump from your yard

There is a misconception among many people that the problem with the tree ends soon after you cut it down, but it may be the start of another problem you may have never imagine, because you may have taken care of the upper part of the tree but the lower part of the tree i.e. stump is still attached to the ground and it is not dead yet and it may still cause a lot of problems like it can get invaded by dangerous pests, it can be a safety hazard for children, you can face problem while cutting the grass around the stump, it can start to grow again, curbs the look of your yard, and can also damage your property.

Before you contact the best Stump grinding Jacksonville Fl for deciding if it is good to grind the stump or leave it as it is, I would suggest you through the topics below where I have described a lot of problems people face when they decided to keep the stump as it is after cutting down the tree.

Possible pest invasion

After cutting down the tree we are left with its stump that may result in many problems, if you have decided to leave the stump as it, it will eventually start to decompose, the stump may take a lot of years to completely decompose as this process is aided by a variety of microbes and organisms, they will start to appear slowly on the stump. Along with the micro-organisms, a lot of pests that are attracted to wood will start to appear on the stump like carpenter ants or termites, rodents may also appear in the area which is an invitation to snake. This pest will slowly start to appear in the area around the stump and start they will start building their nests on the stump. After infesting the stump completely pests like carpenter ants, termites, rodents have a habit of infesting more areas around it and they start to spread in the nearby areas that may contain healthy trees, residential house, office, etc. this results in causing a lot of damage in the surrounding, these pests may infest your healthy trees, they may infest your house or office. If your house, office, or trees are infested by termites it will eventually start to make your property weak and would cost you a lot to get rid of termites. If rats enter your premises they may do a lot of damage to many important things in your property, rather rats are an invitation to snakes, and getting a snake in your premises may not be a good thing.

Safety Hazard 

The presence of a tree’s stump in your yard can be hazardous for those who will try to cross it. For instance, let us imagine you have children playing games in your yard and are running all over the place, it is possible that one of them may fall on the stump while trying to cross it and may result in severe injury. This can lead to a lot of serious damage to health that may cost even more than just getting rid of the stump. Stumps become hazardous over time and can be potential damage to you.

Problem while Maintaining the Yard 

The stump may be an obstacle in the yard when you try to cut the grass around it. It may be difficult for you to cut the grass that may something result in damaging or breaking your lawnmower, that may cause you to pay the repairs or you may need to buy a new lawnmower machine. It may sometimes cost you more than what it costs for getting rid of it. Treating the stump would be a much better option we can consider rather than keeping it as it is.

Stumps may start to grow again

There a misconception among people, they think that the stump of the tree immediately dies after cutting down the tree, but it is not true because there is still some life in the stump and it takes time to die and it has the capability of growing again if it keeps getting the required nutrients. There can be small trees that will start to sprouts on the stump or around it. These small trees may not seem a serious problem at first but it will be difficult to remove them if later when you have decided to remove the stump also it may not seem like a problem if you don’t want to remove the stump, it is a fact that they absorb lots of resources like minerals, proteins from the ground which can be used by other plants or trees in the yard. The grass in your yard is vulnerable to problems due to the continuous growth of stump, as these in-grown trees absorb a significant amount of resources from the soil and the grass may die due to lack of water available in the soil. We may try to water the grass in this case but we are indirectly providing more water to the stump and ingrown-trees and the grass will eventually die due to insufficient water. Stump affects a lot of things around it which would later result in difficulty getting rid of it.

Does not look good 

A stump takes up a lot of valuable space in your yard where we can consider doing a lot of things. It is a different case when it is a tree, as it has multiple benefits like it produces a purified air, increases the beauty of your yard, and as its not hazardous and even increases the value of your property. The stump on the other side is hazardous, curb the appeal for the yard, it can even make a beautifully grown yard look bad. A stump in your yard reduces your property value. If you decide to sell your property there may be a chance that the potential buyer who would be interested in buying your property might consider the stump in your yard as it is harmful and hazardous in many cases. Removing the stump would offer you a whole lot of benefits as the place will no more be hazardous, the fear of children getting injured will be gone forever, no fear of pest entering your premises, you will be offered with a whole lot of space where you can consider arranging a picnic table, or anything you desire, it will not reduce your property value rather the yard would look more spacious, and you can consider designing a new landscape in the extra space. So a property with a removed stump has far more benefits than a property with a stump, that’s why it is good if we get rid of it as soon as possible.

Property Damage

As we saw earlier the stump does not die as soon as the tree is cut down, it can still survive if it gets the required resources from soil. In the same way, as small sprouts start to grow on the stump the roots of the stump continue to grow further deeper in the soil. They can reach a lot of areas in the ground and they may reach other areas of your landscape where you would not want them to be, they may start reaching and damaging your pipes underground, they may lift the payment, may disturb the linearity of your floor, sideways and driveways, they may even result in disturbing your property’s foundation. Repairing or build these things again may cost you a lot as working on the construction under your property is an extremely difficult process.

So by going through all the problems mentioned above we can face because of a stump, we now know that it is always a better option that we get rid of the stump as soon as possible. Hiring experts for doing this job would always be a great decision as they are professionally trained to do this job seamlessly.

01 Dec 2020
Stump Grinding

How to find a good Stump Grinding Company

After cutting down trees in your compound, you will find it essential to get rid of left stumps. Stumps does not look good on your property and removing them is one excellent way to restore beauty. Stump grinding services help you to remove every stump in your garden. Dealing with tree stumps on your own can be one of the most challenging tasks. If you’ve several stumps in your yard it’s better to call a professional stump grinding service to assist you.

Nowadays there are many tree companies helping homeowners to remove unwanted stumps. These companies can grind even the most annoying stumps using modern equipment. Whether planning to grind small or huge stumps, if you choose the right company, grinding stumps shouldn’t give you sleepless nights.

Choosing a company with the proper grinder may feel like a hard task. But once you choose the right one your task is over. First, it is important to think about what kind of equipment an expert has. Modern grinders are most preferable. These grinders have additional features that provide fast and smooth grinding. So, if you are looking for a faster way to grind stumps, then you have to choose an expert having modern equipment.

The experience of the company is a very serious thing to consider. Tree stump grinding is not a job for everyone. Not every expert in the market is providing satisfying services. So it is important to choose a company with deep roots in this field. If you consider the length of time a company has been in their business then making the right decision should not be a hard task.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding


Below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a tree stump grinding service.

  • Available Options

First off, you need to start by knowing what your options are. When choosing a company you probably don’t know where to start, especially if you have never worked with the one before. Thankfully, the internet is there to help you with the proper information, which you are looking for. After you look for the alternatives and learn which stump grinding services are available. You’ll then move to the next step.

  • Read Online Reviews

Next, you need to assure that you take a look at the reviews that are available online. When you read a review it gives you the details about a service that you may have not otherwise known on your own. Reviews are written by people who already tried a company’s services before. As a result, you can easily ensure that they will guide you on making the right decision. You can learn about a stump grinding company in a review including the cost and the quality of their work.

  • Have the Cost in Mind

You also have to think about the cost and how you will be able to pay for it. If you are working on a tight budget, it is better to pursue quotations from more than one service. In this way, you will easily be able to select the company that works best for you.

Hiring companies that are experienced with the equipment, knowledgeable about trees, and trained to guide customers through the method from starting to end will assist homeowners in making optimum decisions before the removal.

01 Nov 2020
Stump Grinding Jacksonville FL

Stump grinding, the environment friendly process

Jacksonville Stump Grinding

Types Of Stump Removal Processes:

There are a variety of methods by which we can get rid of the stump. Let us take a look at all Stump removal Methods and analyze which of these are environmentally friendly.

  • Chemical Stump Removal:

Chemically killing a plant seems like a simple option to go for instead of all the others. In this process, the chemicals are directly applied to the soil and injected into the stump by drilling holes on the stump. Once done it takes up to 5-6 weeks to take effect and if now done properly the treatment has to be reapplied. When homeowners try to apply it without the help of any professional they end up damaging their vegetation as sometimes roots are widespread into the ground.

This process is surely not environmentally friendly as it may poison your surrounding which hazardous at the same time.

  • Manual Tree Stump Removal:

Manual tree stump removal is a process done using heavy machinery in which the stump is being removed along with its roots. This is not so environmentally friendly as the place after the treatment has a big hole in the ground is the place is messed up.

This process may not be hazardous by is surely not environmentally friendly.

  • Tree stump removal using Fire:

This process requires minimal requirements but it is dangerous at the same time. The process is conducted by drilling large holes in the stump, and later it is filled with fuel and kept to sit for a minimum of 2 weeks because it takes time for fuel to reach into the roots. Later a match is dropped in the holes the stump will take time to burn. Make sure to rope off as it is dangerous for kids and pets.

This process is hazardous and not environmentally friendly at the same time as any wrong step may lead to severe damage that’s the reason why it is banned in many places.

  • Keeping the stump as it is:

This place is truly safer than using chemicals and fire at the start but it may cause a lot of problems later. These stumps may be harmful to children and pets as they can get injured by playing around the stump. These stumps are as time goes may get infested by pests like termites, rodents, snakes, etc., and start infesting area close to it which may contain your resident or commercial office. That will cost you more to get rid of pests from your resident and office.

This process may be environmentally friendly at the start but it can be pain treating with it later.

  • Tree stump grinding:

Stump grinding is a process that may cost you more than chemical and fire but it will cost less than stump removal. Keeping the cost parameter aside let us see if it is Environmental Friendly or not.

Stump grinding is a process where the stump of the tree is grinded using heavy machinery into small pieces to a level where soil can be placed above the roots. So that the surface is even with the ground.

Here in this process, nothing is used that is hazardous to the environment.

Now let us see how the process is being conducted without harming the environment.

Stump Grinding Jacksonville

Environmental friendly Stump grinding process

  1. Inspection

Even before starting the Stump grinding process, it is important that the stump is being inspected so it is easy to plan things further, this process is carried out by experienced professionals as they know how to test the stump’s growth under the ground and can measure how far can the roots be when you’re grinding the stump. This process is as important as actually conducting the treatment because it tells us how will the grinding will be done, what equipment will be required, what techniques should be used to carry out the process seamlessly. So basically here the site is inspected for planning what should be done further.

  1. Choosing the Grinder

After the inspection process, the next step is to find a proper grinder for the job as all grinders are not the same, every grinder is designed to perform a different set of task it is important to find the right grinder for the process. The grinder is being selected based on different criteria like the size of the stump, strength of the stump (some stump are hard at the center and some are not)

There are a variety of grinder used

The first one is a hand-manipulated handlebar grinder. This machine is easy to operate and can be operated by amateurs too as they don’t require a lot of professional experience.

The next is a tow-behind machine, which is operated by professionals only. They are the same as the name implies the grinder is towed behind a truck or trailer and is placed over the stump. They are usually used for grinding stumps that are large in size and require more intensive work.

At last, there are Truck-mounted grinding machines that are used for a different type of stump.

  1. Grinding the Tree stump

After identifying which grinder we will need for carrying out the process seamlessly. The next step is to start grinding the stump. The grinder is placed over or in front of the stump depending upon the type of grinder being used. Once the height and width are adjusted according to the stump it is locked so that it does not move. After examining the parameters the grinder is set to start. The speed of the blades on the grinder is controlled by the professionals as per the requirement. The grinder is lowered with speed as it efficiently grinds the wood as moving too fast may result in the grinder seizing up and may lead to other complications. The stump is grinded till level below the ground so that soil can cover that upper part of the roots. While conducting this process the wood of the stump is broken into small pieces like chips that will be spread all over the area around the stump and they are needed to be disposed of properly.

  1. Disposal of the chips

After grinding the stump you will discover a lot of chips around the stump that are 4 times in volume of the Stump. So Disposal of the chips is also an important part of the process. A good stump grinder will help you in disposing of the chips efficiently. Many professionals will place a skirt around the stump while the grinding process so that a large number of chips are collected in the skirt.

If you are conducting this process on your own you will find it harder to do. So here’s a piece of expert advice you should always hire a professional grinder for dealing with complex or large-sized stumps.

If you are having a stump in your residential or commercial place and are looking for stump grinding services let us take the opportunity and delight you with our work. We offer Stump grinding Jacksonville Fl and have vast experience working on a lot of projects.

So now after going through all the aspects, we have come to the conclusion that Stump grinding is the best treatment you can consider while removing the stump of the tree.

It is both environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost as much as the stump removal process.