01 Nov 2020
Stump Grinding Jacksonville FL

Stump grinding, the environment friendly process

Jacksonville Stump Grinding

Types Of Stump Removal Processes:

There are a variety of methods by which we can get rid of the stump. Let us take a look at all Stump removal Methods and analyze which of these are environmentally friendly.

  • Chemical Stump Removal:

Chemically killing a plant seems like a simple option to go for instead of all the others. In this process, the chemicals are directly applied to the soil and injected into the stump by drilling holes on the stump. Once done it takes up to 5-6 weeks to take effect and if now done properly the treatment has to be reapplied. When homeowners try to apply it without the help of any professional they end up damaging their vegetation as sometimes roots are widespread into the ground.

This process is surely not environmentally friendly as it may poison your surrounding which hazardous at the same time.

  • Manual Tree Stump Removal:

Manual tree stump removal is a process done using heavy machinery in which the stump is being removed along with its roots. This is not so environmentally friendly as the place after the treatment has a big hole in the ground is the place is messed up.

This process may not be hazardous by is surely not environmentally friendly.

  • Tree stump removal using Fire:

This process requires minimal requirements but it is dangerous at the same time. The process is conducted by drilling large holes in the stump, and later it is filled with fuel and kept to sit for a minimum of 2 weeks because it takes time for fuel to reach into the roots. Later a match is dropped in the holes the stump will take time to burn. Make sure to rope off as it is dangerous for kids and pets.

This process is hazardous and not environmentally friendly at the same time as any wrong step may lead to severe damage that’s the reason why it is banned in many places.

  • Keeping the stump as it is:

This place is truly safer than using chemicals and fire at the start but it may cause a lot of problems later. These stumps may be harmful to children and pets as they can get injured by playing around the stump. These stumps are as time goes may get infested by pests like termites, rodents, snakes, etc., and start infesting area close to it which may contain your resident or commercial office. That will cost you more to get rid of pests from your resident and office.

This process may be environmentally friendly at the start but it can be pain treating with it later.

  • Tree stump grinding:

Stump grinding is a process that may cost you more than chemical and fire but it will cost less than stump removal. Keeping the cost parameter aside let us see if it is Environmental Friendly or not.

Stump grinding is a process where the stump of the tree is grinded using heavy machinery into small pieces to a level where soil can be placed above the roots. So that the surface is even with the ground.

Here in this process, nothing is used that is hazardous to the environment.

Now let us see how the process is being conducted without harming the environment.

Stump Grinding Jacksonville

Environmental friendly Stump grinding process

  1. Inspection

Even before starting the Stump grinding process, it is important that the stump is being inspected so it is easy to plan things further, this process is carried out by experienced professionals as they know how to test the stump’s growth under the ground and can measure how far can the roots be when you’re grinding the stump. This process is as important as actually conducting the treatment because it tells us how will the grinding will be done, what equipment will be required, what techniques should be used to carry out the process seamlessly. So basically here the site is inspected for planning what should be done further.

  1. Choosing the Grinder

After the inspection process, the next step is to find a proper grinder for the job as all grinders are not the same, every grinder is designed to perform a different set of task it is important to find the right grinder for the process. The grinder is being selected based on different criteria like the size of the stump, strength of the stump (some stump are hard at the center and some are not)

There are a variety of grinder used

The first one is a hand-manipulated handlebar grinder. This machine is easy to operate and can be operated by amateurs too as they don’t require a lot of professional experience.

The next is a tow-behind machine, which is operated by professionals only. They are the same as the name implies the grinder is towed behind a truck or trailer and is placed over the stump. They are usually used for grinding stumps that are large in size and require more intensive work.

At last, there are Truck-mounted grinding machines that are used for a different type of stump.

  1. Grinding the Tree stump

After identifying which grinder we will need for carrying out the process seamlessly. The next step is to start grinding the stump. The grinder is placed over or in front of the stump depending upon the type of grinder being used. Once the height and width are adjusted according to the stump it is locked so that it does not move. After examining the parameters the grinder is set to start. The speed of the blades on the grinder is controlled by the professionals as per the requirement. The grinder is lowered with speed as it efficiently grinds the wood as moving too fast may result in the grinder seizing up and may lead to other complications. The stump is grinded till level below the ground so that soil can cover that upper part of the roots. While conducting this process the wood of the stump is broken into small pieces like chips that will be spread all over the area around the stump and they are needed to be disposed of properly.

  1. Disposal of the chips

After grinding the stump you will discover a lot of chips around the stump that are 4 times in volume of the Stump. So Disposal of the chips is also an important part of the process. A good stump grinder will help you in disposing of the chips efficiently. Many professionals will place a skirt around the stump while the grinding process so that a large number of chips are collected in the skirt.

If you are conducting this process on your own you will find it harder to do. So here’s a piece of expert advice you should always hire a professional grinder for dealing with complex or large-sized stumps.

If you are having a stump in your residential or commercial place and are looking for stump grinding services let us take the opportunity and delight you with our work. We offer Stump grinding Jacksonville Fl and have vast experience working on a lot of projects.

So now after going through all the aspects, we have come to the conclusion that Stump grinding is the best treatment you can consider while removing the stump of the tree.

It is both environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost as much as the stump removal process.