Cutting trees from your yard can be a painful process, leaving behind the task of deciding what to do about the stumps. Depending on the objective of cutting the tree, you may decide upon the fate of the stump i.e. you can either remove the stump completely or have a stump grinding process done. 

 Stump grinding and stump removal may sound like two similar processes, but are quite different say the stump grinding Jacksonville FL experts. For starters, stump removal requires entire removal of the stump including the roots of the stump. This is a complex process and will require heavy machinery. Another thing with stump removal is it can be very time consuming at times. Stump removal can also leave behind a lot of mess that needs to be cleared up. One of the risks associated with stump removal is the roots of the stump which need to be removed. Depending upon how old the tree was, the roots might have spread throughout the land and will require a lot of effort for removal. 

Stump grinding is the shorter and less expensive way to deal with tree cutting. Here, the tree stump is ground to just below the land’s surface. The remaining part of the stump is covered with dirt so that it would decay with the roots and the rest of the stump. The time taken to remove a tree stump is entirely different. You won’t need to fill up a huge hole as required by stump removal if you use the stump grinding process.  

Pros of Stump Removal

  • Stump will not grow back. 
  • It will be completely gone. 

Cons of Stump Removal

  • Will result into a very large hole due to removal of the roots which will need to be filled in. 
  • Time consuming. 
  • Will need use of heavy machinery 
  • Can be risky as the removal of roots can cause disruption of the entire yard. Mostly suitable for clearing up lands for new constructions 

Pros of Stump Grinding

  • Will smooth the surface of the land as the stump would be ground below the soil 
  • Easy to execute and causes less mess or dirt 
  • Less Time consuming 

Cons of Stump Grinding

  • Stump can grow later after years due to remaining roots 


Stump removal can be expensive as it requires use of heavy machinery and is time consuming as compared to stump grinding. You can call Stump Grinding Jacksonville to get to know more about the pricing.