Trees are an important part of your yard. A well-settled garden and beautiful trees add value to your home. But if these trees are no longer healthy then they need removal. After removing these trees you are left with a stump which is dangerous for people and the garden. So for avoiding this risk stump grinding is one of the best options. When you decide to remove that stump, go to a stump grinding company. To protect your land, you should hire a reputable and trustworthy tree service company for all your tree requirements. Before hiring them ask about their license and experience that will help you to select the best company. Dealing with trees requires preparation, planning, proper equipment, and expertise to avoid injuring people and property. If you need stump grinding, tree removal, or pruning service don’t try to do it yourself because it should be dangerous.

Before hiring a tree service company, you want to confirm that they are the right option for you. Here are some questions you should ask when hiring a tree stump grinding company.

How much time will be required to remove the stump?

The answer to this question should depend on the complexity of the stump. Any company that promises a speedy removal before knowing the work to be done is trying to sell you something. When hiring a tree company you should always ask for an estimated time of completion. Many times company portray themselves as affordable but the reality is different. Homeowners always want things to be done quickly. Be sure to discuss when the work will be completed getting your initial estimates.

Can you give me an estimate?

Any professional company should be able to give you an estimate. The estimate will be an approximation cost of the project, based on the information you give them. Ask how much it would cost for stump grinding. Sometimes stump grinding companies include this in their price but sometimes they don’t. Get written estimates from three different companies to compare their prices and know the scope of the job.

When choosing the right stump grinding company, one of the biggest problems homeowners face is telling the difference between the estimated price and the actual cost. Most tree companies are always sticking to the estimated price of work, but not all are the same. However, some companies will give a very low estimate to secure the job then halfway through the project, they will increase the price due to some technical factor that you are not supposed to understand. Local homeowners can be faced with a higher-priced tree job than they were originally quoted for if they don’t ask the right questions to the tree company while hiring them.

Does stump grinding remove the whole stump?

The method of grinding the stump is less intensive. In this method, the stump grinder grinds the stump underground 8 to 16 inches, but this process doesn’t remove the roots. In this case, arborists use a machine to cut down the stump into small woodchips. If the stump is large, then a large amount of chip pile will be produced. And also higher the quantity of wood chips is there, the more amount compost will be produced. These wood chips can be used as mulch for your garden.

Is the stump grinding company licensed and insured?

Every company should carry insurance for safety purposes. If they don’t have insurance then try to avoid these types of companies. Most of the homeowners must request to see the tree company’s license, proof of insurance, and other certifications. Before hiring any tree company for a stump removal project you need to check their certifications and their website also. If any company that is reluctant to provide its documents should be avoided at all costs, especially owning and operating a tree service business without proper licensing is illegal.

Do you expect any deposit?

True professionals in this industry do not charge before doing the job. Never choose a company that asks for a deposit. You need to solicit estimates from at least two to three companies for the selection of the best stump grinding company. Ask neighbors or friends about their experience if they have hired a stump grinding company for similar work. If the company is highly qualified then they will be proud to share a list of their satisfied customers.

Can You Provide Testimonials?

Be sure to ask the company if they can provide customer reviews about their services. If the answer is yes then you are going with the right company. They should be able to provide input from clients explaining their service or rating it. If they can’t provide positive testimonials of customers, you should avoid them. You have the right to ask a company and know what you are paying for.

How will my lawn look like after stump grinding?

After removing the stump, you will be left with wood chips at that place. After the grinding process, a slight settling of the soil will occur for a few weeks, and you should replant it in that place within a month. The wood chips will compost naturally and you can use them throughout your garden. If you want your garden to be as it was before, then you have to clear all the garbage left in the stump hole. Most of the time grass won’t grow on wood chips, so first of all you have to clear everything including branches.


To protect your lawn from damage you need to choose a professional tree service company. The professionals always take the required steps to protect your lawn. To minimize property damage, they have to answer property owner questions and share the process with homeowners about the precautions that they could take. If they don’t have any plan to avoid damage then there will be a risk to work with them.

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